Logo Pantarei

Vico del Fico - 18013 Diano Marina

Tel: 3465004988 - 3355260492


Everything flows.
If the only change is real and what is equal to itself is an illusion, we chose a place to leave any question.
A place that is like, in a personal way that everyone knows and chooses. Illusion that becomes a reality.
The soft grass that bends in the breeze, where floats the perfume of flowers. The call of the sea horizon curve. Flowing water that moves and wraps, standing water that caresses and soothes. Tropical Shadows, special polished, dark wood and stone clear, harmonious contrasts that enhance the experience of a public imaginative and confident.
A PANTAREI everything flows and everything stops.

"You can not go down the same river twice, and you can not touch mortal substance twice in the same state, but because dell'impetuositą and speed of change, it disperses and gathers, comes and goes."

Host: Blix.it - Art: MasterMouse